BMAF AGM 2021 Agenda & Registration

Agenda for the 47th Annual General Meeting to be held virtually on Saturday 27 November 2021 commencing at 10.30 a.m.

British Masters Athletic Federation AGM ZOOM meeting: Nov 27, 2021 10:30-12:30  
Register in advance for this meeting no later than 25th November:
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1.     Opening and Welcome address from the Acting Chair, Ian Richards

2.     Summary on voting etc. IT Manager Peter Kennedy

3.     Adoption of the 2020 AGM Minutes.  Minutes taken as read

4.     To receive a Report from the following Officers:
All reports will be taken as read with time allocated for a limited number of questions. Additional questions may be asked in A.O.B. (Item 14).
(a)   Chair, Walter Hill/ Acting Chair Ian Richards
(b)   Vice Chairman, Ian Richards/Acting Chair David Oxland
(c)   Hon. Secretary, Bridget Cushen
(d)   Hon. Treasurer’s Report & Accounts, plus Management Accounts of BMAF Services Ltd.  David Oxland
(e) Head of Marketing & Communications, Giuseppe Minetti
(f)   Track & Field Secretary, Kay Reynolds
(g)   Cross-Country Secretary, Mel James
(h)   Road Running Secretary, Walter Hill
(i)   Race Walking Secretary, Ian Richards
(j)     IT Manager, Peter Kennedy
(k)    Statistician, Courtney Gunn

5. To elect the following Officers of the Federation to serve on the Executive Committee for one year (or until the Incorporation of the BMAF if earlier).
Position__________Nominee _______________Nominated by
Chair_____________Ian Richards, VAC_______The Executive                        
___________________Peter Kennedy, VAC_____VAC
Vice Chair________Jon Clarke, NMAC_______NMAC

6. To ratify the appointment of the following existing Officers of the Federation for one year (or until the incorporation of the BMAF if earlier) as no other nominations have been received.
Honorary Secretary: Bridget Cushen, SCVAC
Honorary Treasurer: David Oxland, MMAC
Track & Field Secretary: Kay Reynolds, SCVAC
Cross-Country Secretary: Mel James, Welsh Masters AA
Road Running Secretary: Walter Hill, SCVAC
Race Walking Secretary: Ian Richards, VAC
Head of Marketing & Communications: Giuseppe Minetti, VAC

7. Invitation by the Chair for nominations from meeting attendees entitled to vote for the following positions as no nomination were received either in writing or electronically by the closing date. Any nomination made and any following vote will be subject to the subsequent approval of the nominee being suitable for the position by the nominee’s Area Association or Club.
IT Manager No nominations received

8. To acknowledge that the Chair, England Athletics Masters Association (EAMA) is automatically appointed as an Officer of the Federation to serve on the Executive. Currently the position is held by Harry Matthews.

9. To ratify the appointment of Arthur Kimber as President nominated by the Council

10. To acknowledge the appointment of the following as Officers of the BMAF:
Overseas Entries Coordinator: Peter Duhig
Statistician/Records Data Management Courtney Gunn (EMAC)
Combined Event Rankings Tom Leeson
Assistant Cross-Country Secretary Harry Matthews (NEMAA)
Hon Adviser on Legal Matters Walter Nicholls

11. Affiliation fees 2021/2022Determination of the annual affiliation fee for the year commencing 1st June 2021. Should the Federation incorporate during the year, a proportionate amount shall be paid to the new incorporated body for the balance of the year. Any new incorporated body shall set the affiliation fee from 1st June 2022.

12. Approval of Proposal A: Vision and Values statement.
The Executive propose that the attached statement is adopted by the Federation (including Masters Athletics) and be recommended to be adopted by any new organisation succeeding the Federation (and Masters Athletics) should they become incorporated. (See link below for the Vision and Values Statement).
The new vison agreed by the Executive is both exciting and challenging. Its aim is for the Federation and Masters Athletics to be inclusive for all levels of athlete and the challenges are to provide more support to the area clubs, not lose what is good at national/international level and deliver what is implied by this vision.
Note: that there are no firm aspirations for what should be done and by when, but members can have their say on this, both during the AGM and later. It is intended that the Board of any new company should adopt the statement and agree its short-term objective and its medium/longer term aspirations. As no change in the Constitution is required, a majority of the voting members attending the meeting will be sufficient.

13. Proposal B: Organisation Structure
The Executive seeks indicative approval from the members to take the next steps towards moving the Federation to a Company by Limited Guarantee. BMAF Services Limited has been managing our competitions successfully for the last three years (track & field is profitable overall this year) which gave the officers proper liability cover, but it is now proposed to make the BMAF itself into a Company Limited by Guarantee so that we can establish a commercial non-profit-making organisation and the basis for controlled growth of Masters athletics which would be acceptable to potential sponsors.
The initial structure of the company recommended by the Executive, set out in the accompanying Power Point slides, is a single company in order to expediate the likelihood of incorporation following an EGM, which it is hoped to hold in February 2022. The eventual structure may change after the commencement of the company in order to strengthen the controls or to make the company more effective, but it is felt best to start simple. Any changes after incorporation will need the approval of that Company’s members (its Guarantors) who it is intended should be representatives from all the Federations Constituent Associations and Clubs.
Area club members are invited to submit views on the format and structure of the new company that will be taken into account in drafting a final submission to an EGM that will propose the dissolution of the Federation and transfer to a Company by limited guarantee.
An Indicative vote will be taken to gauge the support for this structure. Alternative other specific suggestions would be welcomed.
Indicative approval of proposal B: Recommended structure for any new organisation formed as a result of a decision to incorporate the BMAF

14. Any Other Business.

Click here to view the Vision and Values Statement
Please can you make time to attend the AGM, as your views, votes and comments will form the basis of the future of British Masters in the UK  

British Masters Athletic Federation AGMZOOM meeting: Nov 27, 2021 10:30-12:30  Register in advance for this meeting no later than 25th November:
After registering, your membership of a BMAF Area Club will be validated by reference to OpenTrack and you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting