BMAF Honorary Treasurer


The British Masters athletics movement has been split into two organisations.

The British Masters Athletic Federation (BMAF)Administration, meetings, team management at overseas championships, marketing etc
BMAF Services LimitedCompetition/championship delivery

Role Overview

The role advertised is for BMAF Treasurer only.

Its purpose is to oversee and manage expenditure and income and ensure budgets are maintained. There are now quite a limited number of transactions (most go through BMAF Services Ltd.). You will be part of the BMAF Executive Team.  The role is appointed annually at the AGM. 

Anticipated Time Commitment:

2 hours per week (plus Executive Committee time).

Role Description: (this is indicative only)

  • Keep accounting records to include an analysed cash book (which should be prepared on Excel) and a stock control for stock held by a third party (BMAF tracksuits). 
  • Maintaining/controlling bank accounts.
  • Prepare an annual budget and make recommendations regarding Affiliation fees and other finance-related decisions.
  • Invoice Affiliation fees to the Area Clubs (based on numbers) and collect/chase the fees.
  • Working with the Overseas Co-ordinator to invoice and collect European and World Championship administration fees which GB entrants pay to the LOC as part of their overall fees.
  • Making payments such as for services and supplies (including to BMAF Services Ltd), advertising, courses, equipment, affiliation fees to UKA, expenses etc. 
  • Documentary evidence of paid expenses should be maintained as well as copies of invoices raised on the Area Clubs.
  • Custodian of a relatively small archive of accounting records.


To be fully effective in this role it is envisaged that you will:

  • Ideally possess a recognised accounting qualification.  If you do not have this then it is essential you have a good working knowledge of double-entry book-keeping, accruals concepts and integrated balance sheets.
  • Good excel skills to record, analyse and manipulate numbers.

Anyone wishing to stand for any of these positions must obtain a nomination from either the Council (representatives from the 11 Constituent Associations and Clubs), the Executive, or the Committee of any Constituent Association or Club. Anyone seeking a nomination from the Council should contact its Chairman or anyone seeking a nomination from the Executive should contact its Honorary Secretary Bridget Cushen Each request for nomination should be submitted in time for consideration by one of the above mentioned bodies and the names of any nominees then submitted to the Honorary Secretary no later than 28th October.