BMAF Track & Field (T&F) Secretary

Role Overview

Its purpose is to plan, co-ordinate and lead a national Track and Field competition programme on behalf of the BMAF.

The role is appointed annually at the AGM and is a member of the BMAF Executive Team.

Anticipated Time Commitment:

An average of 2-4 hours per week across the whole year but condensed in the lead up to events. This estimate is assuming the team roles are filled.  Additionally, attend and input to BMAF Executive meetings, discussion and work programme.

Role Description:

This role will be responsible for:

  • Leading on the overarching competition strategy and programme on an annual cycle.
  • Identifying suitable dates and venues across Britain.
  • Planning the dates and venues across Britain that meet our specification, as well as the technical organisation of the competitions e.g. format and timetable (in consultation with other key personnel such as Meeting Manager, referees and venue providers), athlete services etc.
  • Agreeing and adhering to the general financial terms and overall competition budget agreed with the BMAF Services Ltd.
  • Selecting lead officials for each competition and ensuring good communications between them in the run up to competition.
  • Working with either the BMAF Marketing and Communications Officer or the dedicated T&F Communications Officer, as appropriate, promote the events ensuring all medias are used and participant numbers are increased.
  • Seeking, collating and reviewing with the Meeting Manager, feedback via Meeting reports from the key roles (and athletes), following the competition to address areas of concern, lessons learnt and to implement a plan to address and continually improve in the future.


To be fully effective in this role it is envisaged that you will have:

  • Good leadership and management skills
  • Significant experience of organising and coordinating track and field competitions.
  • A genuine team player approach
  • A passion for the sport and to give unpaid time for meetings and events. 
  • Good IT skills.
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills

Supported by:

To ensure the smooth and efficient running of any BMAF T&F Event, the T&F Secretary will also be supported by the following key roles:

  • T&F Officials Secretary
  • T&F Administrator, as required
  • T&F Communications Officer, if deemed appropriate .

Anyone wishing to stand for any of these positions must obtain a nomination from either the Council (representatives from the 11 Constituent Associations and Clubs), the Executive, or the Committee of any Constituent Association or Club. Anyone seeking a nomination from the Council should contact its Chairman or anyone seeking a nomination from the Executive should contact its Honorary Secretary Bridget Cushen Each request for nomination should be submitted in time for consideration by one of the above mentioned bodies and the names of any nominees then submitted to the Honorary Secretary no later than 28th October.