Braga 4×200 Relay Selection (& list of athletes wishing to compete).

Hi, I will be managing the relay selection in Braga and invite you to get your name on the list! I will of course be on hand during the champs to put together the actual list, and to arrange baton change-over practice. Giuseppe Minetti
NameAge GroupPreferred position
Melvyn James75any
Nick Marler75any
Adrian Essex70any
William Lonsdale70
Simon Barrett65Any
David Eldersfield 65
Adrian Day602nd 3rd 4th
Angela Kelly602nd
Brian Slaughter60any
Michael Vassiliou604th
Paul Edwards60Any
Paul Guest60any
Ronnie Hunter60any
Gaye Clarke 60
Barrie Marsden551st
Fiona Steele55any
Ian Allen55any
Ian Crawley55any
Paul Canning55any
Antony Leigh55
Craig Beecham50any
Giuseppe Minetti501st or 4th
Joe Appiah 503rd
Juliet Sidney501st
Leeroy Golding50any
Malcolm Mcphail50Any
Michael Osunsami503rd
Paul Allan50any
Stephen Terry-Short50any
Dominic Bradley451st 4th
Mensah Elliott453rd 4th
Scott Armstrong45
Gavin Stephens402nd 3rd 4th
Aaron Bollu402nd 3rd 4th
Andrew Brown402nd 3rd 4th
Clint Nicholls402nd 3rd
Darren Towart402nd 3rd 4th
Justin Hubbard40any
Karen Burles401st 2nd 3rd
Lizzie Amos402nd 3rd 4th
Susie McLoughlin40any
Zoe Doyle 402nd 3rd
Craig Cox35Any
Michael Louise35any
Owen Wells352nd 3rd 4th
Seb Tucknott352nd 3rd 4th
Jonathan Elderfield35
Lizzie Amos302nd 3rd 4th