Braga Team Managers Update

As there are only 173 GBR athletes who have entered the Braga championships there will be a smaller than usual number of Team Managers. The managers have been selected from those who are traveling to compete. Ian Richards will be the lead manager supported by Mel James and Giuseppe Minetti who will look after the relay teams. I will be sending an e-mail to all who are going early next week providing as much information and guidance as I can, including contact details. The Technical Manual is due to be issued in the next few days and posted on the EMA Braga site . Hopefully there will be no significant changes in the timetable but please check as soon as you are able in case it affects your travel arrangements. You should note that the Portuguese authorities have currently only agreed for a maximum of 1000 people to be in the stadium at any one time. Priority will be given to those who are competing. There are 2362 entries which may mean that there could be a problem for anyone who is accompanying but not competing.

Ian Richards