Braga Update

Dear European Masters Athletics Community,
Each of you is now heading for the Christmas Eve with friends and family, but unfortunately new decisions were made by the governments to find ways to protect us all from the next outspread of the different Covid Viruses
during the last days.
On December 22nd EMA Council members Helena Maria Pires de Carvalho and Kurt Kaschke went to Braga to meet the President of the LOC Dra Maria Sameiro and her team to talk about the future of EMACI
2022 Braga.
The following decision were made:
➢ The entry and registration for the Championship will be open until
January 13th 2022.
➢ The final decision of continuing the preparation of the event will be
taken on January 14th 2022.
➢ Decision of EMA Council on its virtual meeting this morning December 23rd : all entry fees will be reimbursed if we are forced to cancel EMACI.
Proposals from the LOC and EMA Council to all of you:
➢ Enter into the Championships so we can see that many athletes are
in favour to make it possible to organize this event.
➢ Do not book your flights and accommodation in advance, just wait
until we can confirm the Championships.
➢ Check the restrictions of Portugal and your home country.
➢ Do not take any risks yourself, take care of your friends and your
family first.

On behalf of the LOC of Braga and EMA Council
Kurt Kaschke
EMA President