Coming Soon (We Need YOUR Help).

These are some of the excellent features coming your way very soon:

Lights, camera, action!
  • Webinars. Yes, we’ll be hosting live and pre-recorded webinars specific to the Masters needs. This will include
    Event-specific training
    Female health
    Race Preparation
    Of course, this will be free!
  • Forums. Waiting in the wings, is a complete Forums platform ready to go. The forums will be Area Club specific, enabling them to answer your questions, sign you up and promote events, all in one place.
  • Youtube Channel. So many of you film events for your friends and family, so our channel will be a place to share those videos, tag your buddies and watch events from around the world. This will morph into a LIVE STREAM channel when we get enough subscribers. (once we reach 100 followers, the name will change to

  • Rankings & Results. I don’t know about you, but finding results and rankings for the Master Athlete is NOT EASY! The plan is to filter out masters-related fixtures, results and rankings, and have them displayed right here on Masters Athletics UK.

BUT, some/all/none of these will work without your help. Can you provide interesting webinar content? Can you be an Area Club admin for your forum? Do you have Masters related videos you’d like to share?

If yes, then please get in touch with me here