EMACI 2022 Braga is on!

Dear participants in EMACI 2022 Braga
The registration period for EMACI 2022 Braga has officially ended, it was with great satisfaction that we registered such a high number of athletes, who thus expressed confidence in this organization, despite the enormous uncertainties that we all live in this difficult pandemic period.
If there were doubts about the vitality of European master athletics, which, in a somewhat worrying way, could jeopardize the viability of the organization of EMACI 2022 Braga, these doubts were completely dispelled, with the prospect of yet another great master athletics event.
This is the time to thank you for your trust, which will certainly not be disappointed with all the organizational procedures that we are preparing for the success of this great sporting event, always safeguarding the safety of all participants.
On our part, we are committed to doing everything we can to ensure that you have an extremely pleasant time in our city of Braga, also emphasizing that we will soon communicate all the health procedures outlined by our Health Authority, as well as we will publish the Technical Manual of the competition, thus enabling everyone to can organize themselves in the best way to participate in EMACI 2022 Braga.
Our popular saying goes that “whoever is from Braga always leaves the door open”, to tell you that we are open to welcome you.
See you soon.
Sameiro Araújo
(LOC President)