EMACS 2021 Portugal. The Saga Continues…

Belgium Athletics received this mail yesterday from the Portuguese Masters Athletics Association:

Dear E.M.A. Council, Hope this finds you well and safe! Unfortunately, after EMACI2020 (Braga), EMACNS and EMMTRC 2020 (Madeira) E.M.A. repeats its conduct of total disrespect of one of its Member Federations, and of E.M.A. rules, regarding the hypothetical EMACS 2021 in Portugal (Vila Real Santo António). The Portugal Masters Association, strongly repudiates E.M.A. behavior represented by Mr. Kurt Kaschke, again. We had already protested before regarding the Championships from Braga 2020 and Madeira 2020, in which E.M.A. directly contacted the Cities and the Regional Athletics Associations to present the Bidding, and left the National Masters Association out of the L.O.C. In Madeira’s case, the L.O.C. contacted us only 1 month from the event to be involved, because we are responsible for validating the participants, and we supply the official t-shirt and the complete outfit for the Portuguese athletes.And now, we Knew that Portugal had bid for EMACS 2021 by a phone call from a travel agency that was involved (and it will be part of the L.O.C.), the day prior of Kurt’s letter announcing EMACS 2021 in EMA website.So, immediately we sent several emails asking for clarification to the Portugal Athletics Federation, to E.M.A. Council and the City of Vila Real Santo António.E.M.A. did not reply, so as the City of Vila Real Santo António.The Portuguese Athletics Federation reply making it very clear that they do not have any knowledge of this Championship, that they were not contacted by EMA or any other part involved, that they did not sign any bidding, and as far as they are concerned this Championship is only hypothetical until they are contacted. After this reply we sent one email to the Algarve Athletics Association (regional association), because in Kurt’s letter, he refers that they did the bidding. They replied explaining that they did sign the intentional form for the Bid, but after they received from EMA the financial specifications of this kind of Championship, they clarified to EMA and all parties involved that they will not go forward with the bidding, and they left the organization of this Championship. The Algarve Athletics Association sent this in writing to EMA last Week, explaining that they could provide only services if needed, and also send it to us.So, at this moment, the Portuguese Masters Association, the Portuguese Athletics Federation, the Algarve’s Regional Athletics Association are out of this Championship. So, we ask: is there anyone involved that has Athletics Knowledge? To add to this, there was a publication from one of the Opentrack manager’s (registrations platform used by the BMAF), confirming that he was on the initial meetings about EMACS 2021, and the event will take place, and EMA will use the Opentrack platform for the entries. Does EMA have a contract with Fidalzi Servici for the entries, or not? How can he know detailed information on how the event will be organized and we don’t even know about it?We also see that there is biddings for future Championships in Portugal (Madeira and Açores), and again, we don’t know anything about them. If we consult the documentation in EMA’s website regarding the Bidding process, we can see it requires the signature of the National Body of Athletics. And there is no Body of National Athletics involved.In light of everything that we presented, we, the National Portuguese Masters Association, ask EMA Council for clarification on this matter. This behaviour has to stop once and for all! E.M.A. can not go around a Member Federation when organizing any Championship. It is in the regulation, and above all, it is a question of RESPECT!

Regards, Michele Correia

On behalf of ANAV Board