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01 - 31 Jul 2021

Menopause Month

Menopause Month. Hosted by Masters Athletics UK and Nicky Keay.

Understanding the impact of hormones for the female athlete when pre, peri, or post Menopause.

Are you trying to understand why you are experiencing changes in your menstrual cycles that are affecting your quality of life? Wondering if you are entering perimenopause?

Are you an exerciser or an athlete wondering if you have an optimal balance of nutrition, training and recovery? Could you be in low energy availability impacting your hormones? Are you recovering from RED-S (Relative Energy Deficiency from Sport) and periods are returning? Are you wondering if you might be perimenopausal? Do you want to know how your hormones are restoring after being on hormonal contraception, or postnatal? Do you want to know more about HRT?

Female hormone networks form the most complex aspect of the endocrine system. The menstrual cycle depends upon a delicate web of feedback mechanisms that trigger significant changes in hormone levels. This intricate physiological process generally operates reliably, but its timing and the hormone levels are affected by internal and external factors going on in a woman’s life. Therefore women differ in their experiences of menstrual cycles and why an individual woman may notice differences between cycles.

Throughout the month of July, Masters Athletics UK (the official marketing platform for the British Masters Athletics Federation) and Dr Nicky Keay (Honorary Clinical Lecturer in Medicine at University College London, Research Fellow in the Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences at Durham University, a clinical researcher in sports/dance endocrinology and member of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Medicine and the British Menopause Society) will be bringing you a series of posts, research papers and free webinars to explain, discuss and ultimately help the female athlete to better understand the role of hormones during pre, peri, and post-menopause.

Week 1. Series of downloads and research papers will be available
Week 2. Live webinar with Nicky Keay with Q&A’s (registration required)
Week 3. Female Health Forum opens on Masters Athletics website
Week 4. Webinar available as a download

The event is finished.