German Body Comp Training with a Double Twist

The key to mastering a skill is repetition, and this axiom also applies to losing fat and gaining muscle. Case in point: doubles.

The training system known as doubles is great for developing strength and hypertrophy. The method was popularized by Pierre Roy, one of the most accomplished weightlifting coaches in Canada. Roy has produced numerous national champions, Olympians, and even an Olympic silver medalist.

This method typically consists of performing a given exercise at the beginning of a workout, as a stand-alone “A” exercise, and finishing the workout with that same exercise. Doing doubles is a great way to increase strength in an exercise that is lagging behind. It also can be modified for more of a hypertrophy effect – in this instance, you would perform a tri set in which the first and the last exercise of your tri set are the same. Now let me introduce you to a variation that is sure to crank out tons of lactic acid using the popular body composition method called German Body Comp (GBC) training. I call this method Double GBC. You are still getting the peripheral heart action that we so like with the GBC, but now you will produce even more lactic acid since there is a 2:1 ratio of lower body to upper body exercises. This type of workout not only increases overall conditioning but also greatly improves lower body conditioning. As with any type of GBC, use compound lifts to get the greatest benefit. Here is how to set it up. A1 and A3 are the same lower body exercise, and A2 is an upper body exercise. To compensate for the high level of fatigue associated with this workout, you will drop the reps slightly on the A3 exercise while maintaining the same load. Keep the rest period on the short side, about 30-60 seconds, depending on your strength and training age. If after performing this workout your legs don’t feel like wet noodles, do it again because you didn’t do it right the first time. If you’re serious about making major changes in your body really, really fast, give the Double GBC workout a try.