Here are my Critical 12 Tests for 100-400m Sprinters

If you want to know your 100m time, the best way is to run 100m! Have a good day, and see you at the track!

But seriously.. Tests, Time Trials, Assessments, Predictors, all these jargons, and they are all the same!

In short, we want to know “what we can do” for an actual event, without doing the actual event!

In some ways, 60, 150, 300 and 600 metres RACES are good indicators for 100-200-400 metre success. Or even relay splits like 4×200 and 4×400. Just make sure you take splits when THE BATON CROSSES THE LINE, not when the baton is exchanged.

But Sprinting is not all about sprinting, as there is jumping, pushing… and to some extent, pulling or throwing.

So in this short video, I discuss my favourite 12 tests I perform, usually in the GPP season. I explain the hows & whys I perform these tests, and if there is a correlation to actual sprinting performance. The 12 tests consist of running, jumping and lifting.