How to do Repeat 100m Strides with No Marks or Measurements

Warning – this may sound like a sales pitch… you have been warned.

With the Coronavirus lockdown, I have no access to a track, where I can easily mark off 100m. But I do have access to a golf course, with some flat sections.

Typical day at the golf course during lockdown. Social Distancing.
I’ve been a user of the Gymboss… both the physical device, and the free app you can download to your Android or iPhone.

I’ve used the mobile app version for my Curve treadmill workout, clipped to console (that is, when I had access to a gym!)

Easy Day, Tempo Strides Day
For a more detailed article on Tempo workouts, click here. Remember, the term “Tempo workouts” are different for a distance runner. Click here for more info on a distance runner’s Tempo.

The typical workout is 12 x 100 meters at 65-70% speed, 40 seconds rest between runs.

Alternatively, you can do 2 x (8 x 100) = 1600m or 1 Mile, with a few minutes rest between the sets.

Focus on technique, smooth, stay tall, good arms, hands relaxed, open or closed – your choice. Go at 65-70% full speed.

For 2 x (8 x 100), you set the device to 8 sets repeating at 20s/40s, which is a EMOM. Every Minute On the Minute.

Why 20 seconds?

My goal is to run a 57 sec 400m on my 57th birthday, or 56 sec with no Blocks (I allow 1 full second for acceleration).

That’s 4 x 14 sec = 56, so 14 sec at 70% tempo speed = 20 sec

With the Gymboss device, you can clip it to your sweat pants or shorts, or use their arm band or wrist band.

For the free App for mobile phones, it’s hard to hear the beeps, but you can use a wireless earphone or earpods.

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But I never use earphones when I work out. Ever.

Get out there and run. Stay safe.