BMAF Marketing & Communications Manager

Role Overview

To be responsible for and oversee the marketing and communications of BMAF internally and externally.  This role also will also work closely with others to support the development of commercial propositions for BMAF. 

Appointed annually as part of the BMAF Executive Team

Anticipated Time Commitment:

6 hours per week on average.

Role Description: (this is indicative only)

  • Lead and manage a marketing and communications team to ensure effective messaging of our activities internally and externally using a range of platforms to ensure the messages reach the widest audience possible, in consultation and close liaison with other Executive members.
  • Advise and support affiliated clubs on marketing and communications of master’s athletics
  • Ensure a clear marketing and communications strategy is developed and implemented as agreed by the BMAF Executive
  • Oversee the development and implementation of commercial strategies to help achieve BMAF goals and objectives
  • Oversee the BMAF website in consultation with the IT Manager and their team.
  • Develop a brand for BMAF to be agreed by the Executive and act as a Brand Ambassador.
  • Endeavour to increase participation in BMAF events through targeted effective marketing and  communications which are evaluated and developed on an ongoing basis.

Team Role may include:

RoleRole Overview
Business Development Officer (4 hours per week)To develop and implement the marketing campaign and all collateral for the programme enabling the BMAF proposition/offer to attract potential sponsors
Discipline Communications Officers (4 hours per week when required)As deemed necessary depending on the size and nature of track & field, road, cross country, race walking and trail competitions To support the communications prior to and after events and improve visibility, participation and 2-way feedback.

Further details are available for each of the above roles if required.

Anyone wishing to stand for any of these positions must obtain a nomination from either the Council (representatives from the 11 Constituent Associations and Clubs), the Executive, or the Committee of any Constituent Association or Club. Anyone seeking a nomination from the Council should contact its Chairman or anyone seeking a nomination from the Executive should contact its Honorary Secretary Bridget Cushen Each request for nomination should be submitted in time for consideration by one of the above mentioned bodies and the names of any nominees then submitted to the Honorary Secretary no later than 28th October.