Menopause Month. Hosted by Masters Athletics UK and Nicky Keay. WEEK 1

Understanding the impact of hormones for the female athlete when pre, peri, or post Menopause.

Are you trying to understand why you are experiencing changes in your menstrual cycles that are affecting your quality of life? Wondering if you are entering perimenopause? Are you an exerciser or an athlete wondering if you have an optimal balance of nutrition, training, and recovery? Could you be in low energy availability impacting your hormones? Are you recovering from RED-S (Relative Energy Deficiency from Sport) and periods are returning? Do you want to know how your hormones are restoring after being on hormonal contraception, or postnatal?

In week 1, we will be doing some background reading and listening in preparation for Nicky’s webinar. Below, you’ll find 3 excellent resources, dealing with HRT, the role of hormones, and how Artificial Intelligence is revolutionising hormone analysis.

In this episode, Nicky Keay talks about the menopause, hormone replacement therapy and the impact it has on training. (Click image to listen)

During this episode, Dr Nicky Keay shares why hormones matter for athletes, the role that hormones play in mediating training adaptations, why energy availability is so paramount for athletes and performers, the consequences of low energy availability or relative energy deficiency in sports.

Applying artificial intelligence techniques to modelling female hormones enables dancers and athletes to access hormone intelligence at her fingertips.

On Friday the 16th July at 7pm, Nicky be answering your questions, with a live 60-minute webinar hosted by Nicky.