Peter Fortune on 400m, 800m training and Cathy Freeman

If you were born before 1988 or so, and remember watching the Sydney 2000 Olympics live, there will be two moments any Track & Filed fan will always remember…

Cathy Freeman lighting the Olympic flame, and winning the 400m under immense pressure for the host nation.

But what about the Coach behind her success?

400m & 800m Training

Hosted by Peter Fortune, personal coach to Cathy Freeman and Catriona Bisset, this lecture covers practical tips for coaching athletes for the 400 to the 800 metres.

This video was as part of the 2019 Athletics Coaching Conference in Townsville, Australia, and a copy of Peter’s 41 slides, including Cathy Freeman’s training program, is available by going to:

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Recorded June 2013. In this episode, Mike Hurst has a conversation with Peter Fortune, coach of Cathy Freeman who won the 400m Gold medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympics under immense pressure.

Highly recommended!