You must check that you are on the start list as soon as you are able and don’t leave it until you go to the Call Room. There have been a number of people who were accredited for their event but have not appeared on the start list. If you find this is the case go immediately to the Accreditation Desk, explain and ask for it to be rectified. Contact me or another Team manager if you need help. They are claiming a system problem but it is more likely an error by the person at the desk. The situations are being resolved but you do not need the stress of it happening when you go to the Call Room

07590 927659 Ian Richards


We now have practical experience of a disqualification. If you know about it immediately after finishing, try to resolve it with the officials there and then. This is what they would prefer. If you only find out about it when the results are published, the EMA office will have already telephoned me or one of the other managers to tell me one of the GB athletes has been DQ’d and I should go immediately to the EMA office. The reason will be explained, and I will be offered an appeal form. We have just 30 mins from the publication of the result to get any appeal in. It is for the athlete to decide if they have grounds to appeal and is prepared to put up 100 Euros which will be lost if the appeal fails. I have 100 euros in my wallet and a credit card which I am prepared to LEND if needs be but, sorry, I will want it back. The BMAF will not pay this fee. I will try to contact the athlete to ask what they want to do. That is not easy as I do not carry a list of everyone’s telephone number. Today I spent most of the 30 mins trying to find someone. It would be helpful if you wear something signifying you are part of the GB team as I just went round asking possible people wearing GB kit. It transpires that the person was wearing black kit and was warming down.


For safety reasons you are no longer able to train or warm up at the track when a throwing competition is taking place. A hammer landed on the track earlier in the week while people were running! Please check the timetable before you go.


Many have asked for a clock by the start line. This is not happening but a new monitor showing the elapsed time has now been positioned on the first floor balcony where it can easily be seen as you run down the home straight. It will help keep your head up!!


When more than one age group is competing in the same competition, the bar will be raised for all at the lowest increment eg if one age group should have a 5cm increment and another a 3cm, the bar will be raised in 3cm increments for all.


A secure bag and luggage storage facility is being set up. It is likely that it will be in a room behind the art T-shirt stand on the ground floor. There will be someone on the door checking bags in and out.


Every effort is being made to present medals on the same day as a competition finishes which is why medal ceremonies are being batched according to finish time rather than an individual event timetable. With individual timing a delay in one event has a knock on effect to all the subsequent events and the schedules are rarely achieved. Events are going through until as late as 10.00pm and it is only the last ones that are being held over to the next day. It is a new system that will not suit all but it is an attempt to allow those who have travel arrangements on the next day to receive their medal and meet their travel times.


GB are up to 5th place behind Spain, Portugal, Germany and France with 12 gold, 15 silver and 8 bronze. Well done to everyone who has won a medal and others who have achieved their goals. Winning a medal is important but being the best that YOU can be is, in my opinion, the most important.