The 86-year-old runner who refuses to slow down. Tony Bowman on the BBC!

Below are the contents of a BBC article covering the incredible Tony Bowman.

An 86-year-old athlete has vowed to keep up the sporting pace.

Tony Bowman, from Guiseley in West Yorkshire, has been taking part in athletic events since he was a child.

Despite having two heart attacks and suffering heart failure three times, Mr Bowman holds numerous records for sprinting in his age bracket.

The veteran sportsman’s ambition is to run the 100 metres aged 100 and to live to 120.

When asked if he still got a buzz from competing, Mr Bowman explained that in the moments before a race the “adrenaline rush is unbelievable”.

  1. I met tony tonight and what an inspiration I’m forty five and absolutely nowhere nea his fitness great bloke and what a tribute to tenacity and the older generation wish I was half the man quality imagine if everyone had the same attitude what a world we’d live in

  2. Keep going as long as you can sir!
    You are an inspiration!
    There will be so many people out there that will see you and think…if he can do it, so can I…which can only be a good thing (just as long as they don’t think they can go straight into things at your level!)
    Stay safe & keep healthy! x

  3. What an inspiration to everyone, I like to keep active at 56 but doing what he does at 86 at such a competitive level is amazing well done Tony

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