Vince Anderson on Training Acceleration and Sprinting (The Lost Tapes)

Back in 2013, Ian Dube and the USATF Georgia Association interviewed what I thought was a fantastic interview with Vince Anderson.

Sadly, Ian Dube passed away in October 2016. He was member of USATF for 35 years, and left a legacy in Track & Field that will be greatly missed.

Dube spent four years as president of USATF Georgia and also served as executive vice president, vice president of communications and the men’s Track & Field

Interview with Vince Anderson

Vince Anderson, the assistant coach at Texas A&M University, is a world class sprint, hurdle and relay coach. He has coached a number of athletes to NCAA and US national titles, including Leonard Scott, Jabari Greer, Justin Gatlin, Gary Kikaya and most recently, Muna Lee, the 2008 US Olympic trials champion in the women’s 100m.

Prior to his current position at Texas A&M, Anderson established an outstanding coaching record across 16 years at the University of Tennessee. Vince has also coached a number of world class combined event specialists, including 4-time US national champion Tom Pappas.