Wanted! BMAF Honorary Treasurer

Our very hardworking and committed BMAF Honorary Treasurer David Oxland is standing down this August and we are on the lookout for candidates to replace him

BMAF Honorary Treasurer Role Outline

Qualifications: It is envisaged that the new Treasurer will possess a recognised accounting qualification.  At the very least working knowledge of double-entry book-keeping is essential as the annual accounts contain an integrated balance sheet and the accounts are prepared using the accruals concept. Similar principles apply to the preparation of interim accounts also known as management accounts which are produced for Executive and Council meetings. 


The British Masters athletics movement has been split into two organisations. The British Masters Athletic Federation (“BMAF”) which handles administration, meetings, team management at overseas championships, marketing etc and BMAF Services Limited which is entirely responsible for the 30 or so championships which we put on. 

The role advertised is for BMAF Treasurer only and, as there are now quite limited number of transactions , it should not regarded as very arduous and presents an opportunity for someone to enter the inner wheels of the running of the Executive and to play a very active part in agreeing policy and providing a restraining influence if necessary in order to keep expenditure within the budget. 

Job specification: (Note-this is indicative only)

  • Keep accounting records-these are quite simple and mainly comprise an analysed cash book (which can be prepared on Excel) and a stock control for the tracksuits which BMAF buys but which are sold through a third party agent who physically holds the stock. Documentary evidence of paid expenses should be maintained as well as copies of invoices raised on the Area Clubs. 
  • Custodian of a relatively small archive of accounting records. 
  • Prepare an annual budget to enable the Treasurer to recommend to the Executive and Council next year’s rate per capita of Affiliation fees chargeable to the eleven Area Clubs.
  • Invoice Affiliation fees to the Area Clubs, working with the IT manager to agree the numbers to be invoiced, and collect the fees.
  • Working with the Overseas co-ordinator to invoice and collect European and World Championship administration fees which GB entrants pay to the LOC s part of their overall fees.
  •  Working with our agent to collect from him commission on sales of GB kit which he buys and also sales money, net of commission payable to him, in respect of GB tracksuits which BMAF buys.
  • Paying expenses for meetings and venues, agreeing invoices with AW for adverts inserted and paying these, paying for certain Overseas championship expenses. 
  • Agreeing and paying UKA affiliation fees and paying any other subscriptions. 
  • Paying any grants or subsidies to BMAF Services Limited. 
  • Paying fees for courses for Officials.
  • Paying for any equipment owned by BMAF.
  • Paying for tracksuit purchases, once or twice a year.
  • Reimbursing expenses incurred by senior officers, e.g. for printing and stationery.
  • Maintaining/controlling bank accounts.

Please make yourself known if you are interested in being part of the very exciting future that awaits Masters Athletics in the UK.