WANTED: YOU! Do you have an interesting article you want to post?

WANTED! Guest writers, vloggers and bloggers for the new Masters Athletics UK website.

There are so many people that are inspired by the amazing performances that you girls and guys achieve, year in, year out. We really are super-human! Let’s give ourselves a firm pat on the back (which you’ll be glad to know is also a good supraspinatus, infraspinatus and teres minor stretch!)

However, it is not a surprise to read that masters membership has dropped over the last 12 months (boo), but very interesting to note that we have generated 142,000 page views on the BMAF website (yay!) Lack of competition and training does not equal a lack for a thirst for knowledge.

Stats since August 2020

So, it is about time that Masters in the UK had a website, portal and hub worthy of our performances; Slick, educational, pretty, high performing, engaging and the best ever masters website ever! EVER!

But, as we all know a website is only as good as its content, and this where you come in……

We are looking for interesting masters-related content in the following categories:
*Mental health
*Event specific training (including strength training)
*Sports science
*Rehab and injury prevention
*Your experiences at competing in local, regional, national and international events

I will also be hosting LIVE and PRE-RECORDED WEBINARS! I cannot tell you how excited I am at being able to bring this to you. Again, I need YOUR help in putting together content, so please get in touch with your proposals.

Please submit your evidence-based and well-researched features (with royalty-free images if possible) to gminetti@bmaf.org.uk

You will be rewarded with links to your social media platforms (if you have them), businesses that you operate, as well as plenty of kudos from fellow masters and a pat on the back (a good stretch that).

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